Spiritual Retreat (SR)

This advanced program is usually held during weekend time. Participants will learn advanced techniques and deeper spiritual understandings to enrich their spiritual practices and prepare them to expand their consciousness towards higher levels. A natural method of consciousness shifting will be introduced to help participants to shift into their soul consciousness. Inner Heart will be used intensively throughout the program to facilitate participants to have a better understanding of themselves, different levels of consciousness, journey of the spirit, the whole existence and how to attain YOGA.

Method of Consciousness Shifting: This program consists of a series of guided one-on-one private sessions with experienced and trained regression guides that will help participants to be fully conscious as their soul without the aid of hypnosis, but through Divine Energy. Participants will be guided to reach their soul consciousness to re-experience their past lives as an effective way to cleanse past life traumas as well as learn some pending spiritual lessons. At a higher level, the participants will be guided to enter Spirit Consciousness as the gateway to achieve self-realization.

Master Yoga: This is a long-term program designed for serious spiritual practitioners. It aims to complete the Kundalini process and helps participants reach true self-realization and YOGA. It has 3 Levels and each level has several sub-levels. The program also has a Master Yoga Preparation (PMY) program to help the participants to be ready for more advanced spiritual techniques.The preparation and up to Master Yoga 1-4 will be offered during the Spiritual Retreat program.