YOGA Curriculum

Below is a picture of the complete YOGA Curriculum of Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study. It is called YOGA Curriculum because the final goal of the curriculum is to help you to attain YOGA. Basically it is designed to help your heart to open and be directed to True Source and to help you realize who you really are so you can live your life according to what your heart wants you to be.. Once your heart is open and stronger, your soul will also start to listen and follow your heart. So, even if you cannot finish the whole curriculum in this life time, your heart and your soul will continue to learn as they already know what to follow. Our human body is only our temporary shell, it is our heart that is our true self. Our human body happens to be a facility to help our heart to learn, to remember and to realize what True Source's Love is. Once our heart starts remembering about True Source's Love, regardless of whether we still have our human body or not, our heart already knows what to follow. That is why learning to open our heart while we still have our human body is a very wonderful opportunity as we have the full set of facilities given by our Beloved Creator, True Source.

The YOGA Curriculum can be divided into 3 main groups of levels:

  1. Basic or Preparation Levels that cover all programs/workshops prior to Spiritual Retreat. This is intended to prepare your heart and Inner Heart to be ready to be used for the next levels.
  2. Intermediate Levels that cover all programs/workshops prior to True Self Retreat. This is intended to help you reach your true self consciousness.
  3. Advanced Levels that cover all programs from True Self Retreat and higher. This is intended to help your true self to learn your true spiritual lessons while you are still alive as a human so that you can reach the ultimate goal of YOGA for your true self.

There are 2 mainstreams of entry levels to participate in this curriculum: Reiki TUMMO™ workshops and Open Heart Workshops. If you happen to have health problems or need to help someone who has health issues or you want to have healing ability that can be useful for your self or others every moment you need it, you may want to start from the Reiki TUMMO™ workshops path. However, if you are not interested in doing healing and simply want to focus on working with your heart, you can take the Open Heart workshops path. The Reiki TUMMO™ workshops path also has some open-heart-related exercises but not as deep as the Open Heart Workshops path. The other difference is in Open Heart Workshops path you will not learn how to give healing to others, but only to yourself.

Whichever path you choose, once you complete the basic levels, you will come to the same level of Spiritual Retreat. Please note that neither of these 2 entry paths are redundant. They actually complement each other because our heart is so deep and there are so many things we need to prepare with our heart. Most of our alumni actually enjoy taking both paths as they experience greater benefits in helping their hearts to grow faster. However, following just one of these paths is fine if you prefer to do just one..

Below the picture you can find short descriptions of each small box within the curriculum.

Short Descriptions:

Reiki TUMMO™ Level 1: Everyone who learns Reiki TUMMO™ must start at Level 1, even if they have received previous attunements from other Reiki systems. The Level 1 attunement provides the instant capability to channel Reiki healing energy simply by the intention to do so, initial Kundalini activation and preparation for the Kundalini awakening in Level 2. The crown, heart and palm chakras are opened and the sushumna is cleansed thoroughly. Connection is made to both the Divine and the Earth’s core energy. Participants are introduced to recognizing and strengthening their hearts.

Reiki TUMMO™ Level 2: Level 2 enhances the ability to use Reiki healing energy by means of deeper surrendering to Divine Source of Love and Light and instant yet safe Kundalini awakening. The entire sushumna channel is safely and gently opened wider, with the Kundalini fire reaching at least to the Navel Chakra. The previous divine energetic connections are refined, and the Third Eye Chakra is opened to facilitate the sensing of subtle energies. The participants start learning to open their hearts and make their hearts cleaner and stronger.

Reiki TUMMO™ Level 3A: The practitioner moves beyond theories into real practices of the removal of human limitations which is a very important step in someone’s spiritual growth. During Level 3A, the previous attunements are enhanced, and the Throat, Navel, Sacral and Base Chakras are opened. The Kundalini fire reaches at least to the Heart Chakra. The first divine chakra, the 8th chakra, attunement is given as a bonus to facilitate the practitioner with the ability to channel higher vibration yet subtler divine energy than Reiki energy called Shing Chi (SC). By means of Shing Chi energy, the process of cleansing and strengthening the heart are improved even deeper and better.

Kundalini: This workshop gives serious students some simple yet powerful additional techniques to accelerate the Kundalini cleansing and purifying process and to speed up the movement of the core of the Kundalini to higher chakras.

Meditation: Most problems in meditation are caused by a wandering mind. During the Meditation Workshop, the pineal gland is activated to release Melatonin Hormone (for antioxidant and youthfulness) and Endorphin Hormone (for relaxation), allowing the mind to focus more effectively and reach a higher state of meditation. This level of focus is usually reached only by those who have been practicing meditation for at least ten years. The other important goal in this workshop is to teach participants to start using their hearts more deeply. Participants will understand better about the proper way of doing meditation.

Inner Heart: Participants will be introduced to their own Inner Hearts, the heart of the heart, the only part of the human that knows the real truth, Divine Will. The workshop will teach a lot of natural methods to activate and strengthen the Inner Heart and how to use the Inner Heart in daily life as the Director, and to realize the real truth to be closer to Divine Source.

Open Heart Level 1 to 6: Participants will learn deeply about their own hearts to understand the true purpose of life and to become closer to the Divine Creator. This experiential workshop series has 6 levels. From a workshop materials point of view, accomplishing all 6 levels of this workshop is equivalent to completing Reiki TUMMO® Level 1 to 3A, Meditation, Kundalini and Inner Heart workshops; qualifying participants for the Spiritual Retreat Program with deeper usage of the heart. Healing will also be taught but solely for the participant’s benefit, not for others.

Detailed descriptions of Open Heart Workshops Level 1 to 6 can be found in Open Heart Course Program.

Detailed descriptions of Reiki TUMMO™ Workshops can be found in Reiki Tummo Course Program.

Spiritual Retreat: This advanced program is usually held during weekend time. Participants will learn advanced techniques and deeper spiritual understandings to enrich their spiritual practices and prepare them to expand their consciousness towards higher levels. A natural method of consciousness shifting will be introduced to help participants to shift into their soul consciousness. Inner Heart will be used intensively throughout the program to facilitate participants to have a better understanding of themselves, different levels of consciousness, journey of the spirit, the whole existence and how to attain YOGA.

Mastering Reiki TUMMO™ (MRT): The Mastering Reiki TUMMO™ workshop is an advanced step towards understanding the core lessons in all levels of Reiki TUMMO™. Participants will learn how to adopt the appropriate attitude of all spiritual lessons. This workshop benefits include improving participants’ surrendering to Divine Source and starting to love Divine Source in anything they do. This will automatically improve their ability to channel Divine energy as well.

Method of Consciousness Shifting: This program consists of a series of guided one-on-one private sessions with experienced and trained regression guides that will help participants to be fully conscious as their soul without the aid of hypnosis, but through Divine Energy. Participants will be guided to reach their soul consciousness to re-experience their past lives as an effective way to cleanse past life traumas as well as learn some pending spiritual lessons. At a higher level, the participants will be guided to enter Spirit Consciousness as the gateway to achieve self-realization.

Advanced MRT: This advanced program will help participants to recognize the important keys on how to let Divine Source’s Love happen better and better and to let Divine Source’s Love help to improve all of those important keys.

True Self Retreat: This retreat has a 1 day True Self Retreat Preparation (PTSR) program to make sure that the participants are ready to attain true self/higher self/supra consciousness/super consciousness/atman level. This advanced retreat helps the participants to realize more of one’s true self, the whole of existence, and "The Journey HOME".

Master Yoga: This is a long-term program designed for serious spiritual practitioners. It aims to complete the Kundalini process and helps participants reach true self-realization and YOGA. It has 3 Levels and each level has several sub-levels. The program also has a Master Yoga Preparation (PMY) program to help the participants to be ready for more advanced spiritual techniques.

Master Yoga 1 (Level 1 to 5): This program will help the practitioners to develop all main chakras to bloom like lotuses, raise the core of the Kundalini, minimally reaching the Heart Chakra and become an instrument of Divine Source in real, everyday life.

Master Yoga 2 (Level 1 to 3): Through this level of Master Yoga program, the practitioner will learn to completely become the instrument of the Divine Source and to be completely conscious as a spirit/true self to get closer to Divine Source.

Master Yoga 3 (Level 1 to 2): This final level of the Curriculum will help the practitioner to attain YOGA, to return to Divine Source as a whole - Divine Source’s omnipotence for all sentient beings.