Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey is the journey of your true self (also often referred to as higher self, super consciousness, supra consciousness, atman, spirit, etc.), which is the spark of True Source (the Source of our True Self), to get closer and finally return back to True Source. It is not a symbolic journey or just a concept, but is a real journey (nonphysical to our physical senses but very real nonetheless). Our true spiritual journey is not about visiting holy places on Earth or higher dimensions if we are doing ascension. Therefore, in this journey, it is not a matter of how much your brain learns, because one day your brain will perish. It is a matter of how much your higher self learns to open the heart and surrender to True Source.

The moment our true self surrenders better to True Source, our true self is accepting more Love and Light from True Source, getting closer to True Source and growing bigger and brighter. For that reason true spiritual growth is about the growth of our spirit or true self. Once our true self surrenders totally to True Source, the final destination of the journey is reached and it is known as YOGA or Union. It is not reaching the highest place or dimension, but the state whenever there is no more separation between our true self and Divine Love and Light from True Source; we are completely part of Divine Love and Light, being always together with our Beloved True Source.

Attaining True Self Consciousness

You need to attain your true self consciousness to progress and to be able to return to True Source. For most people attaining a higher consciousness sounds like an impossible mission. However, Padmacahaya offers a series of special workshops that ensures everyone to be able to attain his or her true self consciousness. You will not be simply communicating with your higher self. In Padmacahaya, attaining true self consciousness means that you can be fully conscious as your higher self at any time you want to be. You are the master of yourself since the true spiritual journey also means self-mastery at all levels of your consciousness.

Since your true self is located within your heart, this journey will be a journey of your heart. And the way the heart is always filled with peacefulness, calmness, happiness and joy. The heart is the only key to your connection to True Source. After your Inner Heart (the key to all truths) is activated, you will be able to realize the validity of everything that we teach. It is real, not simply theories/ideas. Only with your Inner Heart you can learn the true way to go beyond the human realm.

True Self in The Void

As mentioned in the section of "Higher Consciousness" our true self or spirit is located within our heart. The true self in our heart is only a fraction of our whole true self. Our true self is actually located in the Void (also known as Spirit Realm or True Self World). As we are talking about non physical matters, it can be in several places at the same time, as it is not limited in the way the physical body or existence is. In his latest book, The Real You: Beyond Forms and Lives, Master Irmansyah Effendi, MSc. explains about this matter in detailed. 

The small fraction of our spirit within our heart is to help our main spirit to learn and experience as a human being. Whatever our spirit within our heart learns and realizes as a human, it will affect the realization of our main spirit in the Void and vice versa. It is all a wonderful gift and opportunity for our spirit to learn and experience The Love of True Source.

The picture below depicts the whole Existence that was created by True Source just to help all spirits to attain Yoga. There are several learning dimensions where the small fraction of our spirit will take a physical or non-physical form to learn. Our main spirit as well as all other spirits are in The Void in front of True Source who always radiates Divine Love and Light for all beings all the time. 

The Existence

The True Spiritual Journey

The picture below depicts what is in the Void, the spirit realm. Nothing exists there except true selves or spirits. The Creator and all of the true selves, including yours, are there. True Source is the biggest spirit. The spirit that is closer to True Source is bigger and brighter. The place and condition of a spirit in the Void does not depend on its age, power or its knowledge, but simply indicating its heart attitude, how much that spirit surrenders to True Source.

The Void

Regardless who we are or what we are as humans on Earth, every time we are following negative emotions, our spirit in the Void is moving away from True Source. Every time we are opening our heart and surrendering to True Source, our spirit in the Void is getting closer to True Source. These two possible conditions happen every moment. That is why it is said that every moment is an opportunity to get closer to or move away from True Source. To get closer to True Source, the true direction of our spiritual journey, is not what we are doing that matters but how we are doing it, whether we do it with an open heart and love from our heart or not. This is such a very important yet beautiful truth to know while we are still having our human body on Earth. It is our joy to share this wonderful truth with you through the Padmacahaya YOGA Curriculum.