About Padmacahaya

NOTE: Padmacahaya is now known as Natural Way of Living with the new website: https://naturalwayofliving.com/
All information in this web site is not updated any longer. Please refer to our new website for more updated information.

The word Padmacahaya consists of 2 words: Padma means Lotus, and symbolizes a beautiful opened heart. Cahaya means Light, and symbolizes the light of Divine Love radiating from an opened heart. Through its mission, Padmacahaya is committed to help every heart to open and bloom beautifully, radiating all the beauty of Divine Love and Light. So, wherever we are, we will always be the beautiful lotuses without being affected by our environment and in fact the beauty of the lotus will affect and change the environment to be beautiful as well.

Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study, or Padmacahaya for short, is an organization that serves the public in the domain of spiritual growth by opening the heart with a commitment to help others to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthier by relying on Divine Energy of Love and Light. The term “Inner Study” means the organization performs its mission through instructing others in the journey within, through the use of the heart, not by searching for something outside the self.

Padmacahaya was founded by Master Irmansyah Effendi, MSc. in the year 2000.  Its purpose is to provide  a vehicle for sharing with others Master Effendi’s realizations about the importance of using the heart properly in daily life for achieving the main goal of human existence. The organization’s main activities include conducting public workshops in the natural healing methods, opening the heart, meditation and other advanced spiritual programs with the main goal being to help the practitioners achieve YOGA. In liaison with other non-profit organizations, Padmacahaya also serves the public with many social activities.  These include organizing donations for natural disaster victims, assisting the poor and the needy, and managing free social healing clinics as well as free open heart meditation sessions for the public, including online sessions.

The head office of Padmacahaya is called Home Office (HO for short) and is currently located in Jakarta Indonesia. Currently, Padmacahaya along with Padmajaya and Padmasejati Foundation, its Indonesian counterparts that were founded in 1999 by Master Irmansyah Effendi, have over 44,000 alumni around the globe. There are  44 branches in Indonesia itself and over 28 cities in the United States of America, and more than 40 other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Panama, Argentina, Peru, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Below is a figure showing the map of geographical distribution of Padmacahaya alumni all over the world as of the end of 2008.


Vision of Padmacahaya


Padmacahaya believes that every human has the same ultimate spiritual goal that is to achieve YOGA. Yoga, or union is the state of the heart of one who has already returned HOME, the “place” where the heart came from. Therefore, every workshop held by Padmacahaya is not simply teaching a technique, it is giving instruction in THE WAY HOME. In Padmacahaya, we also believe that the only way for our hearts to return HOME is by opening our heart completely and surrendering totally to our Divine Source, The True Source of our true selves. The process involves opening and cleansing our hearts as well as sharing Divine Love and Light with all beings as instruments of Divine Love and Light.

Padmacahaya believes it is very important to share this wonderful knowledge with others. However, there are many things to be done in addition to organizing workshops. We also need to encourage those who have already completed the workshops (called alumni) to keep on using their hearts in order to be able to achieve the real goal—FULL ENLIGHTENMENT AND YOGA.

Mission of Padmacahaya

  • To teach and share spiritual techniques and natural methods through public workshops to help others to be healthier, happier and closer to the Divine Creator by encouraging them to open their heart to Divine Love and Light;
  • To help others to understand the real purpose of life and make the best of their lives and hearts to be able to return HOME;
  • To encourage and motivate alumni to make the most of what they have learned for themselves and others;
  • To develop training places such as prayer houses or meditation center and ashrams;
  • To develop social healing clinics (for alumni and the public) and organize social services for the poor and needy;
  • To develop public awareness about the importance of opening the heart and encourage others to do open heart prayer/meditation (offline and online) for world peace;
  • To publish materials that support the vision of the organization.