What is Our Heart?

When we refer to the heart, we do not mean your physical heart but your (non physical) spiritual heart, which is the center of your subtle feeling.  It  is located at the center of your chest and it is where your true self (also known as spirit or atman) is located.

Spiritually speaking a human has 7 major chakras. One of those chakras is known as the Heart chakra or Anahata. Our spiritual heart is located inside our heart chakra. The picture below depicts our spiritual heart location in relation to our heart chakra, relative to our human physical body.

Heart and Inner Heart

As you can see from the picture, within our spiritual heart we have our spirit or true self. And within our spirit we have our Inner Heart. Many ancient spiritual books stated that the biggest secret lies in the core of our heart and that is our Inner Heart, heart of the heart, which always knows the truth and always directs us to True Source, the Source of our true self.

Our Inner Heart is the spark of our True Source. It is always pure and cannot be contaminated by anything. The ‘Sir’ layer is a special layer that protects our Inner Heart from any outside impurity influences. For general understanding, the heart, the spirit and Inner Heart are considered the same or referred to as heart.

What becomes a problem is that most people’s Inner Hearts are closed because their hearts are not open yet. With a closed heart, one’s Inner Heart cannot function at all. Hence, even a criminal has an Inner Heart. Unfortunately, his/her Inner Heart does not function at all. However, as soon as that person uses his/her Inner Heart, at that moment he/she will direct him/herself to True Source. This shows how important and astonishing the power of the Inner Heart is.

For those of you who are diligent in carrying out your spiritual or religious duties, you will obtain the benefits a lot easier. Nevertheless, to obtain the maximum benefit, it is not enough to simply know about your Inner Heart. Through our Padmacahaya Yoga curriculum, you will be helped and learn very effective techniques to help you open and strengthen your heart, activate your Inner Heart, so your Inner Heart becomes stronger and is steadfastly able to direct your whole self and your whole life to True Source, our spiritual final destination.