Reiki TUMMO™ Attunements

Spiritually speaking, prior to this life, we have experienced many past lives. In every life time we created different kinds of negativities, including negative karma and trauma in our soul and energy body layer system. The fact that we are still here simply means we haven’t  attained Yoga yet. In other words, we still need to cleanse and open our hearts completely for True Source. we still have many negativities to cleanse in order for our heart to open completely for True Source. Even at birth we already have negativities and blockages within our energy channels and chakras. As we grow older, we accumulate more negativities and blockages as a result of the negative emotions and experiences, which were not cleansed. So, prior to doing any energy works or receiving an attunement to cleanse and open our chakras and energy channels, most of our chakras and energy channels are still closed.

In Reiki TUMMO™,  you will receive something called an “attunement”, a process in which the Reiki TUMMO™ Master helps you to cleanse and open:

  • Your crown chakra, the entry gate for the universal energy
  • Your palm chakras, the exit gates for the energy that allow you to channel energy to yourself or to others.
  • The whole sushumna so that the universe energy can flow throughout your whole body and all of your important internal organs.
  • All of the chakra knots along your sushumna enabling the energy to flow freely along your sushumna and into your chakras for cleansing.
  • Your heart chakra so that you will be connected more to your heart as the heart is the key to receive divine blessing. This allows you to channel the energy only by intention.
  • The energy channel between your sushumna and your palms so that the energy can flow out properly.
  • The connection to the earth core energy so that you stay grounded while advancing spiritually and improve your Kundalini process very rapidly..
  • Instantly and safely awaken your Kundalini (in Level 2 attunement).
  • All major chakras (in level 3A attunement).

Depending on the level, the attunement in Reiki TUMMO™ lasts from 15 to 30 minutes but the results can not be matched by years of serious dedicated practices. In other words, the Reiki TUMMO™  attunement results are very special. As the attunement actually works on your energy body layer systems and soul, the attunement results last forever, this life and after this life, which is a wonderful spiritual progress to experience.

After Reiki TUMMO™ Level 1 Attunement

After Reiki TUMMO™ Level 2 Attunement


In the two Kirlian photos below of a person's fingertips before and after the attunement, you can clearly see the differences. The energy around the person who has received the first degree attunement becomes thicker and improves in quality (brighter) about 2 to 3 times stronger. Thus, not only will the practitioner be energetic by having more vital energy, but will also tend to be healthier as the protective layer is much thicker and stronger.

Kirlian Photo Before Attunement

 Kirlian Photo After Attunement

Before attunement

After attunement


Different Attunements, Different Purposes

Different Reiki traditions have different attunement techniques as they do have different purposes. Traditional Usui Reiki system does not have a goal to awaken the Kundalini, thus the attunement technique does not need to open the whole sushumna to facilitate Kundalini awakening. The opening of the chakras and energy channels in traditional Usui Reiki system does not need to be big enough, but in Reiki TUMMO™ these openings need to be big enough to ensure safe Kundalini awakening. Thus, the attunement techniques in Reiki TUMMO™ and traditional Usui Reiki system are different, as they serve different goals. The illustration below depicts the main differences between traditional Usui Reiki and Reiki TUMMO™ attunement results. Please note that Master Irmansyah Effendi, MSc, the founder of Reiki TUMMO™ did learn Traditional Usui Reiki system up to master level prior to learning Reiki TUMMO™ from his non-physical spiritual teachers.


Reiki TUMMO™ Attunement Authorization

As Reiki TUMMO™ is simply the beginning part of a series of lessons in advanced spiritual development, authorization to teach Reiki TUMMO™ and its attunements are not spread freely. Only a master from the Padmacahaya Foundation or Padmajaya Foundation who has been given the authority to teach Reiki TUMMO™ or pass its attunements can do so. This is to ensure that the direction and real goal of Reiki TUMMO™ does not change. In order to teach Reiki TUMMO™ a person usually attends many advanced retreats, not just simply levels 1,2 and 3.